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Jonathan Garber <jonnathan500 at gmail.com> writes:

> I don't know if I am. I am in the checking account with transfers to each
> inching account. I don't invoice much with my business. Does that help?

You don't have a Split anchoring the transaction to the (current)
Checking account.  That's the first problem and is why the transaction
disappears when you hit "enter".

The second problem (related to the first) is that you don't have the
transaction balanced.  You entered all the credits (to the Income
accounts) but not the debit (to the Checking account).

Personally I find the easiest way to enter a split transaction is:

1) Start with keying in a basic transaction.  Specify a transfer account
   to one of the split accounts, and enter in the total amount in the
   correct column for the current (open) account register.  DO NOT HIT

2) Click the Split button to expand the transaction.  You will see two
   splits, one for the current account and one for the entered transfer

3) Now work on entering all your splits.  Make sure you only use the
   arrow or tab keys.  Again, DO NOT HIT ENTER.

4) Continue entering all your splits until you've got it all done.
   You'll know you're done when the transaction balances (there wont be
   any entry in the blank split).

5) NOW press ENTER.


> Jonathan
> On May 4, 2015 11:40 PM, "Alice Lee" <alee212007 at satx.rr.com> wrote:
>> It sounds as though you are trying to enter the amount as a total and then
>> split it in total.  Are you doing double-entry bookkeeping?  The screenshot
>> doesn't look like you are.
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>> I have not been able to enter a split transaction. I tried as some have
>> suggested to create a line with the total as if it is a single entry, click
>> through to the next line then open it for splitting the deposit. Each time
>> I try, the total amount that I enter in the main line (before entering and
>> splitting), then open it again as a split, and start entering the splits,
>> the total deposit disappears and little boxes appear in each total box. See
>> screenshot....
>> Then after I input all the info and press enter, the entry disappears
>> (with today's date) but the transaction appears in the accounts that I
>> transfer to...
>> Stumped.
>> Jonathan
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