Gnu Cash v.2.6.5 Difficulties with Cash Flow report not picking up correct expenditure amounts already inputted correctly in the accounts

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Tue May 19 03:58:29 EDT 2015

Hi Wm

Thank you very much for your reply I am a first time user and not a qualified accountant although I have studied it as a subject on my masters and I am using it for a start up.

It is strange as when I load the cash flow report the expense numbers are incorrect but when you click on the blue link which directs you to the workings they are all correct but they are not transferred into the report.    The correct expenses are recorded ok in the P&L.  I have got three currency accounts all directing back to USD at the correct rates and the calculations are all correct.

I also have a strange thing called unrealised loss creeping into the Balance Sheet which I can not reconcile.

With my assets some equipment has been purchased through Directors Loans which have already been paid for so they have been inputted in Assets and transferred from Directors Loans but I can not get them to be deducted as an expenditure so the expenditure is light in the P&L.

If you have some tips they would be highly appreciated.

Best regards


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> On 18 May 2015, at 23:18, Wm <wm+gnc at> wrote:
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>> Hi I am having problems with my cash flow report.  I am writing a set of
>> accounts in several different currencies and have accurately put all of the
>> information into the parent tree but for some reason the cash flow report
>> is not recording the correct expenditure which is showing up in the P&L ok.
> The cash flow report isn't as easy to understand as a P&L and I don't expect them to balance as they're measuring different things.
> e.g. the payment of a credit card liability affects cash flow but not P&L as the expense is recorded separately and previously.
> throw in an exchange rate difference between the expense and the settlement of the liability and you should be wondering why they would match at all.
> Unless you are doing very strict cash only accounting your cash flow and P&L *shouldn't* match for any given period and even if it did your Euro position vs your USD position is unlikely to be exactly the same except for brief moments once converted to your base currency.
> Does that answer your query?
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