Gnu Cash v.2.6.5 Difficulties with Cash Flow report not picking up correct expenditure amounts already inputted correctly in the accounts

Maf. King maf at
Tue May 19 04:15:30 EDT 2015

On Tue 19 May 15 08:58:29 Miles wrote:
> Hi Wm
> Thank you very much for your reply I am a first time user and not a
> qualified accountant although I have studied it as a subject on my masters
> and I am using it for a start up.
> It is strange as when I load the cash flow report the expense numbers are
> incorrect but when you click on the blue link which directs you to the
> workings they are all correct but they are not transferred into the report.
>    The correct expenses are recorded ok in the P&L.  I have got three
> currency accounts all directing back to USD at the correct rates and the
> calculations are all correct.

Hi Miles.

I'm not an accountant either.

The Cash Flow report measures fundamentally different things to the P&L.  
IIRC, the cash flow puts a "fence" up around a subset of accounts, and looks 
at the flow of money "crossing the fence" to other accounts.

> I also have a strange thing called unrealised loss creeping into the Balance
> Sheet which I can not reconcile.

Unrealised [gain|loss] may be to do with your exchange rates etc.  I'm not 
familliar with that bit of GC, but I seem to recall that if you bought some 
USD at a rate of foo, then report with a rate bar, you'll have unrealised loss 
of foo-bar.  That's probably either simplistic (or possibly totally off 
target), but it might point you in the right direction.

> With my assets some equipment has been purchased through Directors Loans
> which have already been paid for so they have been inputted in Assets and
> transferred from Directors Loans but I can not get them to be deducted as
> an expenditure so the expenditure is light in the P&L.

Sounds to me like you have incorrect expectations here.  Has the business 
actually expended the money, or have assets and liabilities both increased by 
the same sum and hence cancel each other in the balance sheet?

>From a Tax point of view, in the UK at least, a purchase of long-life 
equipment for use in a business isn't an expense anyway.  Your expense comes 
at year end when you allocate depreciation to your capital assets pool.


> If you have some tips they would be highly appreciated.
> Best regards
> MB


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