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I found xl2qif a few years back and it was quite useful for importing my wife's paystub data from Excel into GnuCash, as well as several financial account spreadsheets.I think I just had to tweak some labels in the template and resolve a DOS vs. Unix file format issue with some of the data I was working with. I forgot if I just used Vi or programmatically did the stuff outside of Excel.I don't recall ever exporting anything useful from GnuCash. I've generated reports, but never did any export into external apps, just imports.I too emailed the author, but it didn't matter since I was satisfied with the code and I could tweak it. I can still access the GnuCash database because my back-end is MySQL, though I'm quite careful not to corrupt the database because critical entity are managed with the program vs. the database. - Art
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I chose to use GC because I thought it could be knit to other programs 
via it's import/export interfaces, and found this really very difficult, 
both as an accounting/business management problem and just getting 
import/export to work. I'll be working on this for several months no doubt.

On the later, I finally got the Libreoffice calc macro for QIF 
import/export at :
to work. Sort of. No menu but Tools->Macros>(hunt around)->(run the 

Basically, turn off all the security when installing.

It seems to need a new maintainer and documentation (published email 
bounces). Not sure how to do that. A small group effort to that end 
would be welcome here. I found it extremely helpful, enough to justify 
using GC. I could use macro programming tips (or pointer to forum for 
this), where to add documentation paragraphs (though the link above 
provides the basics). Some template/example spreadsheets to address 
various very specific linkages would be a suggestion, i.e. I use for point of sale, and I might create a process to using 
the macro to import sales data/sales tax by jurisdiction/credit card 
fees into GC.


On 05/21/2015 07:42 AM, Peter von Kaehne wrote:
> No comment on anything else, but
> On 21 May 2015 04:17, Matt Humphreys <mickeymatt at> wrote:
>> I just wish the help files were more complete about
>> how to import items in various formats.

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