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David Carlson david.carlson.417 at
Mon May 25 13:09:21 EDT 2015

On 5/20/2015 10:17 PM, Matt Humphreys wrote:
> Well, I came real close to buying Quicken again.  Got very frustrated with
> trying to import from OFX or QFX file formats.  Then bagged that and tried
> importing CSV transactions.   This was also maddening until I realized that
> to fix my problem I needed to first manually edit the CSV to take the "-"
> signs out from in front of all of the withdrawal amounts, because GnuCash
> seemed to make this a double negative and turned them into deposits when
> trying to import, and obviously not finding matches for the few items that
> were already entered.  Argh.  But now that I've learned that lesson maybe
> things will be easier, I just wish the help files were more complete about
> how to import items in various formats.
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Scrolling through my email, I found your email but no responses.  We
need input from new users about their frustrations with GnuCash even if
they solve them.  You have probably noticed other threads dancing around
the issue of poor documentation about importing data.  That has been an
issue for years which has resisted several efforts by others as well as
on my part to fix, mostly in my case because I could not figure out the
procedure to edit the help manuals.  The primary developers are spread
very thin and they can use all the help that we can give them. 
Volunteers welcome.

In some cases there may actually be a 'bug' either a calculation error
or misleading procedures which should be addressed immediately.  I do
not use the csv import myself, but it is possible  that either that is a
bug or there may be a setting somewhere that covers that case, so it is
definitely worthwhile to ask about it.

David C

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