Weird -1/0 exchange rates appear from time to time

Paul Salmon paul.b.salmon at
Thu May 28 19:29:24 EDT 2015

>> Hryvnia. The Wikipedia article for UAH says that it was discontinued in
>> 2014, but exchange sources still list it, so Wikipedia may be mistaken.

The currency is still in use.

>> What I think is odd is that Paul says this entry cropped up in the last 30
>> days, but the price:time value is 2012-05-27.
> Maybe he bought forward?

I am yet to figure out how these appear, but I do occasionally edit
the exchange rates for older entries.

> I think the clue there is a human doing something rather than a price fetch
> from a bourse.

These are definitely all manual entries; never fetched prices from
external sources.

>>>> I notice it when my file is processed by a separate tool, which
>>>> (understandably, IMO) fails when it encounters this exchange rate.
> What seperate tool?

It's a tool written by a friend of mine which reads the XML and
provides some reports through a web interface. It never makes changes,
it only reads the file. I think it's extremely unlikely to be the
cause of these -1/0s.

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