Managing stocks in foreign currencies

John Ralls jralls at
Sun Oct 16 04:59:05 EDT 2016

> On Oct 16, 2016, at 8:07 AM, Roman Decker <roman.decker at> wrote:
> Hm, I think I have that?
> Here's what my price editor looks like:
> And here's my accounts page:
> I've changed the real values, but as you can see, even though I have an
> exchange rate for GBP <-> EUR in the price editor the William Hill stock
> does not contribute to my total (the "Stocks" account).

Are you using trading accounts?
What does the buy transaction look like?

I was able to get a similar transaction to work correctly if I used an account structure like this and use GBP cash (from Assets:Investment:GBP to buy the WMH:

Assets:Investment:GBP Broker (GBP, Placeholder)
Assets:Investment:GBP Broker:Cash (GBP)
Assets:Investment:GBP Broker:Stocks (GBP)
Assets:Investment:GBP Broker:Stocks:WMH
Assets:Investment:EUR Broker (EUR) ... similar to GBP broker, but with different stocks and everything in EUR.

I get exactly the same problem you're reporting if I try your account structure, having bought the WMH using euros and then flipping the price to GBP in the price editor.

John Ralls

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