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Tue Oct 18 14:53:25 EDT 2016

On 18/10/2016 16:35, David T. via gnucash-user wrote:
> Hello,
> I was looking at the description on the GnuCash Wiki for the Advanced Portfolio report ( <>). It reads as follows:
> "The Advanced Portfolio report produces reports using price information collected by the optional stock price retrieval features of GnuCash. (If you have not installed and used the additional stock price retrieval software, the report will indicate an error.)”
> I am curious to know if the statement regarding “optional stock retrieval features” is in fact true. Is it possible that this report will work with prices that are manually added, or does it truly only work with prices retrieved via Finance::Quote? Furthermore, is there any reason NOT to name Finance::Quote directly here?

I looked at


It needs stuff in the price-db rather than caring whether it got there
by hand / actual tx / F::Q

I think this report is quite well understood (I don't fiddle with my
Saved Reports version) by others and there have certainly been good
explanations of the splits needed to get it to join stuff together, etc
in these lists.

The missing data thing DavidC mentions is also confusing when it is
first used but my take on that is that at some point "Nearest in time"
should be the default Price Source [1]

[1] yes, I know there is history, the question is how long should we
repeat a default that isn't what most people want


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