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> >> Like a fund manager showing to customers what
> >> happened.

> > GnuCash does not record the trading related data you seem to think it
> does.

I'm probably not being clear. GnuCash has all the data needed for what I
> want but it doesn't have a report to show the data the way I need.

Filipe, your GnuCash data file probably doesn't have all the stock price
data that you would want. Even if you set things up to download price data
at a given frequency, say once a week or once a day, inevitable glitches
may mean that the data isn't necessarily downloaded correctly every time
you ask for it. And price data may be removed, either manually or
automatically. For example, my understanding is that only one price can be
stored per day by GnuCash. If you buy a stock during the day, and then
download price data using Finance::Quote at the end of the day, one of the
two data sources will be silently deleted.

So counting on GnuCash to store all the price data you may want is risky.

When it comes time to make a report, GnuCash will do the best it can
("nearest in time", for example), but it may not be exactly what you expect.

If you want to do-it-yourself, you might find Google Sheets or Excel
provides the tools you need, in particular access to more-or-less current,
and historic, price data. You can write a program to pull some data from
GnuCash and insert it into the spreadsheet, where you could combine with
price data to produce the reports you want. If you want access to more
detailed, up-to-date, and reliable data, you'll have to pay for it, in
which case you might prefer to use the tools provided by the platform that
supplies the data.


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