Investment performance

Wm wm_o_o_o at
Fri Oct 21 15:15:45 EDT 2016

On 20/10/2016 16:28, Filipe Giusti wrote:
> Exactly, it's very good on accounting, I've been tracking my investments
> and expenses for a long time using GnuCash and I never said it's bad.
> However what I'm looking for is not trading information.
> I decide monthly how I'm going to reallocate assets and where new money
> goes,

you should use real world data not GnuCash for that, GnuCash does not
and cannot contain or represent a view of anything other than the
transactions within a file.

> for that I need to know how each asset performed in the last week,
> month, 3 months and year. 

Untrue, you can decide arbitrarily, don't make GnuCash responsible for
your decisions, please!

> Like a fund manager showing to customers what
> happened.

GnuCash does not record the trading related data you seem to think it does.

> I know I can write those reports myself, but it makes more sense to me to
> switch software than to spend time on GnuCash.

I think that would be sad, in any event no new reports are likely to be
written for use *inside* GnuCash any time soon.  There is other work to
be done.

Reports outside (sql is good) are within your remit, or mine ...

> I'm even willing to pay to
> get that sort of information.

Nah, these should be very simple and I'd prefer any money to go to the
GnuCash project as a whole if you defined them well enough and I accepted.


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