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Sat Oct 22 16:26:47 EDT 2016

On 10/22/2016 1:29 PM, Wm wrote:
> O for fux sake.
> Well done, Liz, you've allowed him to screw up another decent exchange
> of views.
> Curtail him, please.
You think THAT is what I was doing? Asking that a user give more details 
about what they said they needed (asking more about the WHY?) You have a 
lot of experience dealing with user requests in the real world? You 
haven't experienced that all too often, in order to accomplish X the 
user THINKS they need Y when actually they would need Z. In my days in 
the cypher mines, if I just wore my systems analyst hat all the time and 
gave the users what they literally asked for would have cost users money 
and not satisfied their needs. Instead, slip on that business analyst 
hat for a moment and ask the user to explain and just maybe come up with 
what will satisfy what the user actually needs.

I was just giving an example where it LOOKS LIKE "performance history" 
would be needed, where most users might think that, and ask for that, 
when in fact the "history" would not be relevant and just the current 
state needed to make the decision.

Michael D Novack

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