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>>> John,
>>> I think you?re right. Probably most of this content could be moved to a
> new
>> section just after Seliing Shares. I?ll see what I can come up with, if
> you want.
>> David,
>> Actually I want to remove most of the content as being either redundant
>> (depreciation, realized gains), incorrect (unrealized gains as income), or
> not
>> appropriate (unrealized gains in general) for GnuCash.
>> Regards,
>> John Ralls
> Hi John,
> IINAA and it does sound strange to record unrealized gains as income, even
> in an unrealized gains group.
> I do think many users would like to record the unrealized gains on their
> house.
> Do you know how they should be recorded or can some of the accountants out
> there chime in?


That's an interesting idea. I guess I'd do it by making the house a commodity and assigning a price to it. That way it will show up in the CoA and net worth reports without messing up other calculations.

John Ralls

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