[GNC] GnuCash very slow to start up and quit

Tim Hume tim at nomuka.com
Sun Jun 13 02:31:25 EDT 2021


I've been using GnuCash for a number of years. I especially like how it can handle foreign currencies - a feature that the commercial software packages tend to charge extra for.

But a continual annoyance is how slow GnuCash is at these operations:

1. Starting up (Takes more than a minute)
2. Quitting (Takes a long time)
3. Importing new transactions from CSV files (Easily a couple of minutes for modest imports).

I'm running GnuCash on Fedora Linux.

Version: 4.5 (27th March 2021 build)
Hardware: i5 Dell ultrabook, 8Mbyte RAM.
Backend: SQLite database
Database size: About 36 Megabytes on an SSD drive.

Is there any quick tips to speed things up? Or should I just throw more hardware at it (Ryzen7 desktop or something similar)? When running top, I see gnucash tends to be CPU bound when it is performing these slow tasks.

Another problem I have is GnuCash crashes when importing transactions in CSV format. I have to restrict the CSV files to about 100 kilobytes when importing, otherwise GnuCash will crash on me. After I've imported a 100 kilobyte file, I need to close GnuCash and restart it to import the next one. This smells a bit like a memory leak to me.

Any tips or suggestions would be welcome.


Tim Hume

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