[GNC] GnuCash very slow to start up and quit

Chris Green cl at isbd.net
Sun Jun 13 03:28:12 EDT 2021

On Sun, Jun 13, 2021 at 06:31:25AM +0000, Tim Hume wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been using GnuCash for a number of years. I especially like how it 
> can handle foreign currencies - a feature that the commercial software 
> packages tend to charge extra for. 
> But a continual annoyance is how slow GnuCash is at these operations:
> 1. Starting up (Takes more than a minute)
> 2. Quitting (Takes a long time)
> 3. Importing new transactions from CSV files (Easily a couple of minutes for modest imports).
> I'm running GnuCash on Fedora Linux.
I'm running it on two Ubuntu Linux systems (same files on both, using
Syncthing to keep synchronised).

> Version: 4.5 (27th March 2021 build)
In my case it's version 4.4, default from the Ubuntu repositories.

> Hardware: i5 Dell ultrabook, 8Mbyte RAM.
Laptop is Lenovo, i7, desktop Fujitsu i5

> Backend: SQLite database

> Database size: About 36 Megabytes on an SSD drive.
Mine is much smaller, only 250k or so, also on SSD on both systems.

> Is there any quick tips to speed things up? Or should I just throw more 
> hardware at it (Ryzen7 desktop or something similar)? When running top, 
> I see gnucash tends to be CPU bound when it is performing these slow tasks. 
Mine starts up in a second or two and quits instantaneously.  I guess
the difference must simply be down to the size of database.  I create
a new accounts file each year, apart from anything else it keeps the
auditor happy (church accounts) and it certainly keeps it small. 
Could you maybe split your system somehow?

Chris Green

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