[GNC] Online quotes for a mutual fund

jacob at larsen.net jacob at larsen.net
Mon May 17 15:29:14 EDT 2021

On 2021-05-17 02:53, Geoff wrote:
> It looks like the Financial Times' Funds service will provide prices:

Thanks for checking this. I get this for the same command, but verbose:

$ gnc-fq-dump -v ftfunds SE0005993078
Finance::Quote fields Gnucash uses:
     symbol: SE0005993078         <=== required
       date: ** missing **        <=== recommended
   currency: ** missing **        <=== required
       last: **missing**          <=\
        nav: **missing**          <=== one of these
      price: **missing**          <=/
   timezone:                      <=== optional

** This stock quote cannot be used by GnuCash!

All fields returned by Finance::Quote for stock SE0005993078

stock           field  value
-----           -----  -----
SE0005993078   errormsg: Error - failed to find a price
SE0005993078       last: **missing**
SE0005993078       name: *** UNKNOWN ***
SE0005993078        nav: **missing**
SE0005993078      price: **missing**
SE0005993078     source: 
SE0005993078    success: 0
SE0005993078     symbol: SE0005993078

This suggests that the issue is with my setup and not the sources as 
such. Would you mind helping me out and send the verbose output from a 
working system?

I have run "sudo gnc-fq-update" before this, and it has ensured than I 
am running Finance::Quote v1.49. It did warn about my perl version being 
v5.26.1, which is the version from Ubuntu 18.04.

I am also running Gnucash 4.5 which I have compiled from sources. So I 
could use a couple of pointers for debugging this.


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