[GNC] Possible Ubuntu problems

Eric Coates TwistedWood at talktalk.net
Wed May 19 10:37:51 EDT 2021

David, Geert, Chris (a consolidated reply)

As you responded I take it I'm forgiven!

Under Ubuntu 18.04 I used Gnome Tweaks (as it is called using Synaptic) 
to apply a degree of transparency (to the Dash). It survived the 
upgrades to 20.04, 20.10 and 21.04. David Carlson suggested a work 
around (on 14th May) using Tweaks (as it's called in Ubuntu Activities). 
I tried that and discovered that Tweaks is acting very strangely. 
Uninstalling it and re-installing makes no difference. (See below for an 
attempt to describe the "strangeness".)

I do, in fact, use the Yaru-Light theme - at my age I have an aversion 
to anything bordered in black.

The problems I'm seeing in 21.04:

(1) As stated above, Tweaks is no longer doing anything sensible. It 
starts up but selecting one of the tabs causes the whole window to flash 
and jitter. It can be stopped by moving the pointer into the main panel 
and clicking the back icon but choosing another tab causes the jittering 
to start over. With patience I got the Appearance panel to display but 
the down arrows don't display any alternatives.

(2) I like to have the euro symbol available from the keyboard (using 
the default, for my local, of the English UK option). It was available 
in 18.04, 20.4 and 20.10 using AltGr + 4, it isn't in 21.04. After a lot 
of experimentation I managed to recover the ability but only by 
installing the English(Colemak) keyboard as the default with English(UK) 
as a second option. Without Colemak the euro symbol is not available, 
with it there the euro symbol is available with AltGr+4 on the 
English(UK) keyboard. Weirdly (to me at least) having English(UK) as 
default and English(Colemak) as the second option doesn't work. (There's 
a problem of remembering to change the keyboard setting on boot up.)

(3) With Tweaks missing from the system (a complete removal via 
Synaptic) makes it impossible to select multiple items in the file 
manager. It is possible to move/copy files by right clicking and using 
the context menu. Installing Tweaks and rebooting makes it possible to 
make multiple selection (albeit with a grey highlighting - if that's not 
an oxymoron - rather than the traditional orange).

Thanks for your patience

Take care


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