[GNC] My MacOS Finance::Quote Successful Tweaks

Ken Farley farleykj at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 22:57:12 EDT 2021

Not a question, just my notes on how I got Finance::Quote to work on a 
new Mac Mini M1.

Operating system is OS X 11.6 (Big Sur)

GnuCash Version is 4.8 (from the -2.dmg)

My initial install left me unable to download quotes (via 
Finance::Quote). Research online eventually led to a Reddit discussion 
about similar problems. Apparently the root cause of the trouble was 
that module Mozilla::CA provides certificates for inquiries, but was not 
installed with the  default Perl. Sequence of installs necessary for 
success was:

sudo cpan -i B::Keywords
sudo cpan -i Test2
sudo cpan -i DateTime
sudo cpan -i DateTime::Locale
sudo cpan -i DateTime::Format::Strptime
sudo cpan -i Mozilla::CA

Once those are all done then go to:


and run the Finance::Quote fixing script:

sudo ./gnc-fq-update

After all the above, all the wonderful quotes were downloaded 
beautifully. Now, if I could only get the courage to "upgrade" to 

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