Tracking dividends by stock in reports

Chris Szilagyi chris at
Fri May 8 21:07:26 EDT 2015


I am interested in tracking dividends in the Advanced Portfolio report 
as part of each stock.  I've seen that currently it does not do this by 
default, and have found the workaround which is to enter in dummy 
entries to the stock accounts in order to get it to show up in the 

I did test this, and it works.

Is there a better way to do this, that doesn't involve the dummy 
entries?  When entering in the monthly dividend entries in my investment 
accounts it seems like it will be pretty tedious to enter in all entries 
under the broker account, then switch over to the individual stock 
accounts one at a time, and add the extra split entries.  Is there not a 
better way to handle this?  I would like to confirm before I try to go 
back and modify all of the current entries, to make sure there's no 
other way or future way to handle this.

Thanks for any and all feedback.


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