Tracking dividends by stock in reports

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Sat May 9 01:33:48 EDT 2015

--On May 8, 2015 at 9:07:26 PM -0400 Chris Szilagyi 
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> Hello:
> I am interested in tracking dividends in the Advanced Portfolio
> report as part of each stock.  I've seen that currently it does not
> do this by default, and have found the workaround which is to enter
> in dummy entries to the stock accounts in order to get it to show up
> in the report:
> I did test this, and it works.
> Is there a better way to do this, that doesn't involve the dummy
> entries?  When entering in the monthly dividend entries in my
> investment accounts it seems like it will be pretty tedious to enter
> in all entries under the broker account, then switch over to the
> individual stock accounts one at a time, and add the extra split
> entries.  Is there not a better way to handle this?  I would like to
> confirm before I try to go back and modify all of the current
> entries, to make sure there's no other way or future way to handle
> this.

I'm not sure what you mean by "switch over to the individual stock 
accounts one at a time, and add the extra split".  You can enter it all 
from a single register as a transaction with three splits.  It's 
probably easiest to enter the transactions from a register for the 
account receiving the money, probably the broker account.

That said, there is an alternative that makes the dummy split 
unnecessary in some circumstances, if you're running a new enough 
version of GnuCash.  See 
for more information.


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